Friday, October 22, 2010

Inktegrity Hump day Inspiration

OK so I know Hump day has come and gone but it's been a long week and I have been a little pre-occupied watching my Giants in the playoffs.  I really thought they were going to clinch it last night at home, but alas the torture continues and it is back to Philly for another game.  So over at the Inktegrity challenge blog it is time for another challenge.  And there is also a surprise in store at the image blog.  Can you say free digis?  So go check it out. 

This is my card for this week's challenge using the Apple Basket image available in the store.  I am not sure about my coloring on this one but I was trying to get them to look like the gorgeous Pink Ladies we saw on our trip to the Apple Orchard last week.  I wish I could share a picture but Blogger is giving me problems at the moment. 


  1. :>) All good! Wishing your team all the best. I am not a b-ball fan, usually just go with whatever team is closest. Right now, that is the Yankees, but it is not looking good right at this minute!


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