Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Creative Inspirations paints layout

I have had these paints for quite awhile now but I have not used them as much as I would like.  I have done a few little things like the projects listed here and here.  Recently I was asked by the CI team to be featured on their blog.  Can I get a big woohoo??!!!!  I was in the midst of all the birthday craziness around here but still I couldn't turn it down.  I sat down to try to make a card for my son.  I had my mind on about a million other projects that needed to be done and I just couldn't focus...big FAIL.  So I decided to wait.  But I did set my paints and tools on my table thinking that maybe that would help inspire me.  That didn't really work out so well either.  All it got me was two kids begging to paint.  So about a week later I was lying it bed and all of a sudden it just hit me!  I was going to do a layout.  So that being decided the ideas just started flowing.  I got out my Gypsy and started designing.  The layout was totally planned.  The only problem was that I hadn't chosen a picture yet.  Anyone who knows me knows that I usually start with the pics and get inspired from there so this process was very different for me.  The next day I went out to the Dungeon (otherwise known as my scrap room or my half of the garage) to have a look at pictures I had.  It is very rare for me to do a one pic layout but that is what I had planned.  After searching through all my pics and coming up empty handed I was about to give up when I walked by my daughter's playdesk and found this picture. 
I had given it to her because I wasn't planning on scrapping it.  It was perfect.  I went to the internet and searched for pics of the book Caps for Sale.  The papers were chosen and I was ready to go.  But wait.  The papers I chose looked kind of maculine to me.  Blue and green.  I needed to add a pop of color.  This is where I turned to my CI paints.  I altered the blue on blue background paper byt painting some of the swirls with Garnet paint and a fine tip paintbrush.  I added a few Chocolate dots as well. Now I don't know how well you can see the shimmer, but along with the great colors is incredible shine.  So after alktering my paper I wasn't completly thrilled.  I actually didn't like it at all and was going to scrap the whole thing(no pun intended).  Well I started playing around with my colors and some flowers from my stash.  I really like the end result and it's probably one of my favorite layouts to date.  All of the red flowers were altered with the paint and the large ones also have stickles.  The blue flowers are Petaloo covered in turquoise stickles and the green are from the wedding aisle at Michael's and were already shimmery.  The red paper is also covered in CI paint as well as the brown brads and the brown border on the picture. 

If you don't have any of these paints yet, I highly recommend them.  I love that they dry quickly and have so many uses.  If you have some or decide to get some link up your projects to the Creative Inspirations blog and you can be their next featured crafter!


  1. Wow how great for you to be their feature guest! I love that you fought all the ideas to come up with something you love so much. Glad you stayed with it.
    Great job on this one.

  2. BEAUTIFUL layout!! Love the shimmer of the flowers Becca! Nice job altering the background paper as well!

  3. well Kendra I learned from the best...thanks for the inspiration


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