Friday, July 23, 2010

Well all I am still alive.  Lots of things have been going on ariund here and I am sorry that I have not posted.  I have been crafting away and as promised I have some t-shirts to show you.  These were designed on my Gypsy and cut out with the Cricut expression machine(although if you are wanting to make some of your own you can use any machine.  I cut the shapes from heat transfer vinyl and I did have to flip the shapes on the Gypsy(can also be done on the Expression or Create right on the machine) and then you put the vilyl wrong side up on the mat.  After cutting you place on your shirt where desired and iron according to the manufacturer's directions.  A word of warning:  This vinyl has a clear cover that needs to be removed.  Please remove this before layering another color on top.  sounds like commom sense, but I forgot.  Oops.  In this next shirt I made this mistake and I had to add some exta design elements to hide my boo-boo

I also made 18 more of my scrap cards and decided that I am officially done with those for a good long while.  I will not bore you with any more pictures as they were exactly the same as the last ones.  I have been super busy crafting along with lots of great and exciting projects.  Problem is I can't show you any yet as they are either Design Team work or gifts for friends who also happen to be followers.  Soon, I promise.  One last promise I made to you is that I would share some exciting demo news.  I just received word that we will be demoing the Original Cricut in Best Buy stores.  This should be an interesting experience and I can't wait to see how it plays out.  I was also asked to work in a Michael's store about an hour from me as the demo there was not working out.  My manager is going to work with me to make sure I can do these the same days to save on drive time.  yay

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  1. Fun at Micheal's, make sure you don't bring your wallet with you. It could be a costly demo day! Fun idea with the shirts, I have never tried this yet, thanks for the tips.
    Hope you have fun demoing at Best Buy and Micheal's.


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