Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blog Awards

I really love all my bloggy friends.  I appreciate all of you for taking the time out to comment on my work even when it is something simple or I keep showing you the same project over and over.  I have received a few blog awards this week.  Thanks girls!

This one I received from my sister over at Christina's Creative Corner.  Well she's not my real sister, she is actually my not So secret sister from the Cricut messageboards.  we send each other crafty goodies and altered gifts every month and we chat alot.  I also received it from Wendy at Kingston's Creations.  I am supposed to list 7 things that I like.
1. I like(no I LOVE) all the inspiration that everyone posts on their messageboards and blogs.  I love to browse when I first get up in the morning so I can feel inspired all day long.
2. I like the beach.  So much in fact that I even got married there barefoot.  It will be 9 years this September.
3. I like(no, there's that LOVE word again) my family.  My kids and my hubby are my true inspiration
4. I like Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha Frappuchinos
5. I like Target.  I do not like that I have to drive an hour to get to one.
6. I like(no, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) that I have my own scraproom.  OK so it is actually just a corner in the dingy, dusty, yucky looking garage and I call it The Dungeon, but it's mine, all mine!!
7. I like the sunshine.  I do not like the 100+ degree weather.

I got these next two from Anna over at Anna's Papercrafts.  Thanks for thinking of me.

I have been working on a new project to show you all.  I got a little bored with my scrap cards and was felling uninspired, although I am still determined to at least finish the stack I have started and possible make some more.  I am working on some t-shirts made with my Cricut and Heat transfer Vinyl.  So Check back later for that.  I may not have it up today, I had intended to work on it while the kids were at VBS, but my daughter decided she did not want to go(I think she needed some special Mommy time...or maybe just some time where she didn't have to fight her brother for the remote LOL) and then tomorrow I am going to take the kiddos to the coast, a church picnic on Saturday where I get to do face painting(another thing I like) and the usual Sunday madness.  I also wanted to let you know that I heard from my manager from the Cricut demo job and there is a new and exciting opportunity available that she wants me to be a part of.  More details on that later.


  1. We all love you!! I left you the same award on my blog earlier today too! I just now got around to letting you know. Your blog is great and I wanted to recognize you!!
    Take care,

  2. Do you demo for Campaigners? Are you going to demo the new machine?
    That would be exciting. I keep seeing your name everywhere and I know you are a follower of mine. I thought I seen your blog but i don't think I have been here before. I am your newest follower today.
    Your craft area sounds like my craft cave in the basement. I LOVE my area even if I have a few deer heads mounted.
    You should stop in and see my craft room videos, they are something else to watch. I promise no deer heads in the shot.


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