Monday, June 21, 2010

Costco Roadshow and some hotel room crafting

Well I just returned from my very last Costco roadshow...tear, tear...This one was about 3 hours from home so I was staying at a hotel.  I wanted to work on some projects in my hotel room so I wouldn't be too bored.  I took only my paper scraps, some adhesive, and my embellie and ribbon boxes.  I didn't even bring a paper trimmer.  But I picked up an extra we had at the store, and went to work.  I used up my scraps and some digi stamped images that were in my paper stash.  Once I used those up I made some cuts at work.  I ended up getting 30 cards made.  Some of these were made in duplicate so I didn't take pics of every single one.


As you can see in some of the pics, I started to do them all following the same sketch.  I was determined to tame my scrap folder, so i went through and took all the smaller pieces and trimmed them down to fit this sketch.  So now I have a pile of scraps as well as some leftover cuts from work that I plan to use to make more of these super easy cards.  Whatever I don't use, I know the kids will love to play with.

And I also thought I would post a few pics of my display at the cricut booth. 

And a close up of the sign I made to advertise our last day of the show.

This is all made from Storybook, using the markers to draw the Marquee shape.  Apparently the sign helped.  I sold 6 Expressions and 2 Gypsy's in the last day as well as a few of the essentials kits and 3 pick cartridge bundles.  It was the best sales day of all the days I worked!


  1. You were a busy little lady. Great cards and love that you used just scraps. Congrats on selling so many expressions.. I am hoping to go Friday, depends if I can make it home in time. (going to Napa to see my aunt)...

  2. sis your cards are fantastic. I love how you keep them so simple but yet they look so great!

    That lunch box looks familiar??? Thanks for showing off some of my work to.

  3. WOW!! Look at all those cards!!! TFS!!

  4. Wow and double wow Becca! Everything looks great, it's no wonder you sold so well on that last day. Great cards and Christina's box is darling:o)

  5. These cards look great! I'm impressed that you were able to make so many at one time.

  6. Thanks for popping by to my blog and joining in my candy draw.
    You have some fabaulous creations here
    Lisa ;)

  7. The cards are really great...can't believe you made them all with scraps! I have so many and at times think I just need to toss them, but I really hate to. After seeing what you've done guess I just need to get busy and use them to get my stash down and under control. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me!



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