Monday, May 24, 2010


My baby girl is all grown up and graduating...tear, tear...Well okay she is not all grown up yet and she is only graduating preschool, but I can remember so clearly when her older brother started preschool and she wasn't even walking yet.  So the school took pictures of the kids in a cap and gown even though they will not wear these for the actual ceremony.  I spent the day making invitations/announcements to send to family members.  I designed this on my gypsy(my very own that I received just a few days ago...I had so much fun with the demo one that I had to get one to put my own cartridges on) while we were in the car headed to see the San Francisco Giants play in Oakland versus the A's.  Sadly our team was swept in the series, but my design was all ready to cut this morning. 

I used cardstock from stampin Up for the entire thing except for the white which is just my trusted white cheap stuff from Walmart.  The purple portion is designed with a ticket from Mickey Font and a cap from Locker Talk.  Then I just cut the rectangles with my trimmer.  The purple was glued down just around the edges and not at the top which created a pocket to slip in the ceremony details.

The green piece comes all the way out and she handwrote a note on the back of these.  I used Cat's eye chalk inks for the edges, added some ribbon from my stash and called it beautiful.  She loves them and I am sure the family will to.  I even sent them to some I knew could not make it so they would have a photo of her. 


  1. Whoo Hoo! Me 1st! Rebecca, she is just adorable, and she looks just like you too. How precious are they when they look so grown up in their cap and gown. I bought some caps and gowns for when my daycare kids would leave me and head off to kindergarten. I love the way you did your announcements and with the picture too, they will surely be treasured.

    Hugz, xx


  2. Oh that Lillie beat me in posting first. lol... Those turned out just beautiful. You are so creative, I absolutely love them. Your very own GYPSY.. wow. She looks so grown up.

  3. Hi Becca-love what you did with this! I had lunch today with Jewel & she told me how you stumbled across my name & thought it sounded familiar-it's a small world sometimes. I love what you have posted on your blog & am now a follower.

  4. Awww, Becca, this is wonderful and a great keepsake for your daughter when she graduates high school and then college. I think you did this beautifully!


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