Monday, April 26, 2010

Costco roadshow

I just got back from 5 days of demonstrating the Cricut at Costco in Santa Rosa, California.  It was lots of fun talking to others who are as passionate about the cricut as I am.  I also got to help lots of others catch the bug.  We were given two Expressions machines and Gypsy's to demo.  They did not give us a whole lot of supllies as far as paper, adhesive and such.  They wanted us to have projects out for display, but with the limited supplies i felt some of the projects did not do the cricut brand justice.  After the first day i came home and raided my craft room for projects that I had done.  I displayed a t-shirt that I made using vinyl and the Storybook cartridge, the butterfly card from my last post, and various cards and gift boxes I have made.  We got a whole lot more traffic at the booth after I brought this stuff and many people said I should be selling my stuff for a living.  Don't they know that it would cease to be fun if I did that.  I can't believe that I forgot to take pictures while I was there.  Here are some pics that my team leader took and sent to me.

And here is a project I made while I was there with the Just Because Cartridge.  One of the nights when I came home from work my husband told me he needed a birthday card for my nephew, but he couldn't find my box of cards that I keep on hand.  I told him that was because I had taken it with me to display.  Instead of bringing him home the box, I made this card for my nephew.  The sticker on the envelope was made to come off so he could wear it at his party. 


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  2. This looks like you had so much fun!!

    The card is adorable!!


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