Sunday, August 1, 2010

Voting time

Hi all.  Just wanted to let you all know that it is voting time over at Papercraft Star.  Please head on over there and vote for your favorite card.  I hope you choose mine, but won't hold it against you if you don't.  and while you're there check out the sidebar to see all the great upcoming challenges, I sure hope you'll decide to play along with me.


  1. I was blog hopping the other day and I ran across your and I like all the work you have posted on here...I will have to check out some of the challenges you are talking about and I will vote for yours lol
    Well I have an award for you if you would like to go pick it up at my blog -

  2. I will have to check it out!
    I hope you win! You always make such nice projects!
    I left you an award on my blog!
    You are a cherry on Top!

  3. Hi there! I was hoping to feature you on the Creative Inspirations Paint blog. If you are interested, can you please email me? actressangel at gmail dot com


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